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The Dark Heart Beard Co.

Beard Care Pack

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This pack includes all your favourite Dark Heart Products. 

Our Coffee & Leather Beard Oil

We meticulously infuse the Fair Trade Arabica beans into Extra Virgin Olive Oil, protecting the structural integrity of the raw ingredients, to maximise their beneficial properties. This means, not only do our products retain their authentic and distinctive coffee scent, they’re also awesome for your beard and skin. The protective antioxidant benefits of coffee prevent hair breakage and enhance shine. The antioxidants in coffee also calms inflamed and red skin. Plus the stimulating properties of coffee improve blood flow, making your skin appear fresh.

Arabica Facial Scrub

Our Arabica facial scrub will leave your skin softer than it’s been since pre-school. The Fair Trade Coffee grounds will slough off dry skin, while the Avocado Oil emulsifies impurities and the UMF 10+ Manuka Honey provides additional moisture to your skin.

Whiskey and Spice After Shave Tonic 

Made with real NZ Whisky, distilled by the Thomson Whisky Distillery, this tonic will soothe & protect your skin. The alcohol acts as an antiseptic, while the oil provides much needed moisture, post shave.

Coffee and Leather Beard Balm

Our Coffee & Leather Beard Balm is reminiscent of manly pursuits and gentlemanly endeavours. Made by first, meticulously infusing the Fair Trade Arabica beans into the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, protecting the structural integrity and to maximise the beneficial properties of the oil, this balm is the perfect compliment to our Coffee & Leather Beard Oil. The Coffee & Leather Beard Balm provides styling hold, enabling you to shape your ‘stache and refine the lines on your facial growth. This 60gm Tin will last you one month of daily use.

Beard Care Pack

Beard Care Pack