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Hair Skin and Nails Capsules
Hair Skin and Nails Capsules


Hair Skin and Nails Capsules

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Jeuneora Hair, Skin, Nails capsules have been created as a ‘beauty booster’ to take either alongside Renew+  or as a maintenance supplement.

Hair Skin Nails contains premium hydrolysed marine collagen with elastin. Additionally they contain bio available keratin (specifically for targeting hair and nails), along with vitamin C for optimal absorption.

Jeuneora Hair, Skin, Nails is used to support:

  • Stronger, longer hair
  • Healthy nail beds and nails
  • Softer, smoother more hydrated skin

Daily Dose: 2-4 capsules, with or without food. 60 capsules per packet. 

Ingredients: Marine Collagen plus elastin (450mg per capsule), Vitamin C (100mg), Functional Keratin (25mg)

Jeuneora uses only type 1 marine collagen for all our Skin, Hair and Nail supplements. Marine collagen has been shown to be the most readily absorbed collagen, with type 1 being the best for skin rejuvenation.

The inclusion of Vitamin C  and citric acid in Jeuneora Renew+ , Hair, Skin, Nails, and AquaGlow helps ensure the highest absorption into the body. These key ingredients work together with marine collagen to help you see results and feel benefits faster.

Jeuneora include bio-available ingredients at concentrated doses in their supplements. This means they can be more efficiently absorbed by the body and into the blood stream, delivering nutraceutical bioactive compounds at a continuous rate to all compartments of hair, skin and nails.

Jeuneora uses only natural ingredients. No additives, fillers, or dyes.

All products are expertly blended in a GMP and export certified factories in New Zealand with rigorous testing performed on each batch. Our Marine Collagen + Keratin Capsules contain hydrolysed marine collagen and elastin and the Keratin is extracted from Central Otago sheep wool.

Hair Skin and Nails Capsules

Hair Skin and Nails Capsules