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Honey Vet Full Range Bundle
Honey Vet Full Range Bundle
Honey Vet Full Range Bundle

Honey Vet

Honey Vet Full Range Bundle

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Honey Vet is a range of skin and coat care products made using New Zealand Kanuka Honey as its main ingredient. Honey Vet’s mission is to harness New Zealand’s nature’s healing properties and to provide our animal friends with an all-natural alternative for skin and coat care. The main ingredient, Kanuka Honey, is proven to have anti-inflammatory qualities that aid in reducing skin irritation.

Honey is a humectant, meaning it draws in moisture from its surroundings and locks it in, ensuring your pet’s coat and skin stays moisturised and nourished.

Available in 250ml and 500ml packs.



Kanuka Honey reduces inflammation while the soothing and moisturizing qualities in the Collodial Oatmeal and Aloe Vera will calm the skin and give you pet’s skin added moisture.

A useful tip – follow on with HoneyVet Calming Conditioner to add extra gloss and shine to your pet’s coat.


Our Calming Conditioner is a wonderful follow on treatment from our shampoo, adding extra goodness to your pet’s coat.

Kanuka Honey and Coconut Oil work together to provide your pet with a Conditioner that calms the skin and adds moisture to the coat.

Our other secret ingredient, Beeswax, locks in the goodness to keep your pet’s coat shiny and sleek.

Oral Spray:

Does your pet have smelly breath? Honey Vet Oral Spray is your new secret weapon to combat bad breath and to improve your pet’s dental hygiene.

With this all-natural Oral Spray, your pet can say hello to fresh breath thanks to the Kanuka Honey and Peppermint Oil that give this product both its anti-inflammatory qualities and freshness.

Honey Vet Full Range Bundle

Honey Vet Full Range Bundle